Ann’s love for life is infectious and she brings that same enthusiasm to her work as a graphic designer. She has the ability to create spot-on creative solutions for her clients that bring their messages and brands to life. Ann is a smart, strategic thinker and always responsive to her clients’ needs.

– Sara Lanzer, Copywriter

Ann McNeeley is a very creative, knowledgeable, and experienced designer, who really knows what she is doing. On top of that, she also happens to be the most organized, even-tempered, and nicest person you’d ever have the pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Ann for any project you may have.

– Colin Klein, Graphic Designer

I have had the pleasure of working with Ann McNeeley for over 10 years. She has been the most accurate and detailed designers I have ever worked with. She has an excellent talent for organization which is difficult to find in a good designer like Ann. Her interpersonal skills are very mature and professional. I think you will find Ann to be as much a high quality gem as I do.

– Coleen Ruffing, Senior Print Buyer

I have worked very closely with Ann, She has brought a lot of energy and creative ideas to the Creative Department. She has creative design solutions, problem solving and years of design knowledge. Working with Ann was such a joy and any company that contracts with her is lucky to have her.

– Colleen Downey, Sr. Graphic Designer

Whenever I needed a graphics job done, I went to Ann. She would walk you through the job to make sure she (you!) knew what you wanted and would come up with great questions/solutions that you didn’t even think of. Her work is thorough, sophisticated, creative and accurate (a blessing when the job is forms/contracts etc!). And, she is a people person so, I recommend Ann highly.

– Mary Mudler, Client